Produce Great Spots: APM Production Library

Great spots are vital to retain your listeners, and great music is the underpinning of great spots.

APM Music

This is not one library, but over 50 libraries under one umbrella!  600,000 tracks of diverse music, from indie solo pieces to full orchestral themes.

  • 600,000+ Tracks, Constantly Updated
  • Exclusive Content: MNF Theme, NFL, MLB and TV Show Themes
  • Limitless categories, all radio formats, station imaging and advertising needs
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Exclusive Representation from TM Studios

We are proud to be the exclusive radio representatives for the Legendary APM Music Library. TM offers unlimited access via Cash and Barter. APM is available to Radio Stations, Clusters or Regions.  To gain access to THE industry leading Production Music Library please contact us. 

Please CONTACT us directly or email your TM Studios Account Rep today.

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