Brand Your Station: Radio ID’s

TM Studios jingle packages are the most effective branding tools available for your station.  Available in every format, jingles will shape your brand and give your station a cohesive, unique personality around the clock.  Your listeners will be singing your praises…and your name.

TM EVO: Updating Jingles

Sample this one-of-a-kind service, from the company that invented the “Updating Jingle.”  EVO is infinitely customizable, and you can build your unique sound in real time right on the EVO website.  As the name suggests, TM evolves with your playlist, keeping your station current and fresh at all times.

  • YOU choose how you want your jingles to sound
  • YOU pick how much new content you receive every month
  • YOU communicate directly with your producers – We will never be too big to care
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Jingle Packages

Simply put, JINGLES WORK. In a “niche” format world where competitors are playing much of the same music, TM Jingle packages provide the branding advantage you need to create listener engagement and station loyalty.

  • TM Jingle Packages are heard on thousands of stations on every continent
  • TM Packages are created by the finest composers and musicians from all over the world
  • Each package features an EARWORM logo melody, becoming your “song”
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Can’t Find What You Want?  We Can Make It For You From Scratch…

Custom Jingle Packages

Your station may require a unique branding solution. Almost every Jingle Package ever created was originally produced as a custom package, for a client with specific needs and desires. We have spent decades composing and producing enigmatic Custom Jingle Packages for the biggest stations on Earth…will your station be next?

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Maybe you’re looking for something…CLASSIC…VINTAGE?  Check out the Heritage Library…

Heritage Jingle Packages

TM Studios has been making station jingles for over 50 years. During that time, TM has created hundreds of jingle packages, with many becoming iconic in the word of radio.

  • TM has created more Jingle Packages than any other jingle company
  • TM has hundreds of packages from which to choose
  • TM has every style and genre available for stations with unique needs
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