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Commercial Jingles for Your Local Advertisers

  • Exclusive Access to a library of hundreds of Local Jingle Campaigns
  • Jingle Campaigns available for every Business Type, instantly ready for air
  • Help clients build market share and recall with memorable, catchy jingles
  • Customize any campaign for any advertiser

Grow Station Revenue and attract new Client Partnerships with this unique, creative tool

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Customized Lyrics…Included

All TM Commercial Jingles are customizable — Meaning we will take our pre-produced music and adapt your custom lyrics into the song.  We can also customize vocal presentation – if our demo features a female singer, we can make it a male. Demo has a group – we can make it a solo female, or duet or different kind of group…you get it.

And best of all? Customized Jingles are included in a TM Commercial subscription.  This will be a game-changer with potential clients that will set you above your competition.

If you REALLY want to go next level with your brand-building music – make it FULLY CUSTOMIZED