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Low Cost, High Quality, Commercial Jingles

  1. Find a Jingle you like.  
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  3. Profit.

Order the Generic Version of any Jingle on our site, if it’s not already taken in your market…it’s YOURS.  Just fill out the ORDER form and we’ll deliver a high-resolution version, ready for air.  

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OR perhaps you want a CUSTOMIZED product…

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All TM Commercial Jingles are customizable — Meaning we will take our pre-produced music and adapt your custom lyrics into the song.  We can also customize vocal presentation – if our demo features a female singer, we can make it a male. Demo has a group – we can make it a solo female, or duet or different kind of group…you get it.

If you REALLY want to go next level with your brand-building music – make it FULLY CUSTOMIZED


About TM Commercial

A strong jingle is the important foundation to an effective radio commercial.  Combined with a well-written script and great voiceover performance, you get a memorable message that compels listeners to action, the ultimate goal of any campaign.

Now, commercial jingles are no longer complicated or expensive.  TM Commercial from industry leader TM Studios gives you a broad array of compelling slogans, applicable to a host of advertising segments, that are usable as they are…or easily and inexpensively customized with a client’s name.  And even creative decisions like singer gender or performance can be accommodated.

TM Commercial.  Your Complete Commercial Jingle Resource.