Commercial Jingles for Your Local Advertisers

Exclusive Access to a library of hundreds of Local Jingle Campaigns.

While there is a massive amount of content to access, we’ve made the interface simple and fast.  And the Audio we send you is also easy to work with. TM Commercial provides you with exactly what you need. Every Jingle Campaign comes with :60 and :30 second versions.  You simply insert the clients voiceover and put it on air. You can literally sign a new client at noon and have their custom jingle campaign on the air in afternoon drive. Also, some jingles can be easily edited to create :10 or :15 second versions.  If you need help, we are here for you.

Jingle Campaigns available for every Business Type, instantly ready for air.

Perhaps the best feature of the service is the “real-life” lyrics that connect with thousands of advertisers, already produced and ready for you to put on the air INSTANTLY. By using hundreds of clickable keywords or standard search phrases you can quickly find the best campaign for any client. If you don’t know what message would work best, you can drill down in the catalog by Music Genre, Business Type and Tempo. Still not finding what you’re looking for?  Reach out to us and we will help you out.

Help clients build market share and recall with memorable, catchy jingles.

Simply put, jingles work. Research shows that a hooky memorable sung jingle or melody has the power to help the advertiser tell the listener who they are and what they do in a way that engages a different part of the brain. If you’ve ever sung a commercial jingle you’ll at least know the name of the client to whom it belongs and most likely what their service is, more so than an advertiser without a jingle. Get an edge on your competitors by offering your client a jingle for their service.

Customize any campaign for any advertiser.

Included in the service is the ability to take the existing generic jingles from the library, and customize them with your clients name, slogan or whatever they’d like sung for their campaign. We will work with you on their specific needs from vocal choices, lyrics, and music genre to length of the music. With a customized jingle your client’s brand will be represented by a truly unique jingle campaign. This is a powerful tool to use when signing on a new advertiser. And best of all, you know you are the only one in market to have it.

F.A.Q: Here, we cover our most often asked questions.  If you need to know anything else don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a generic jingle?

A generic jingle from our library will sing lyrics that are specific to an industry, but without the client name.  For example “The best restaurant in town”

What is a customized jingle?

A Customized jingle is where we take the music from the library and actually sing the clients specific lyrics to the music for example “Gino’s Italian, the best restaurant in town”

How many Customized Jingles do I get?

This will be discussed with your team and TM at the time of setting the subscription up to accurately reflect how many you may need across the duration of the service.

Is this available for Barter or Cash?
TM Commercial is available for BOTH Cash and Barter agreements. Terms are different for every station or group so please reach out to us for specific terms.

Is it Market Exclusive?
Yes! TM Commercial is exclusive to your Market.

Do you write contracts for a single station or groups?
Yes, Both.  We can create an agreement for one or multiple stations within the same organization, in the same market.

What happens to the jingle once I’ve sold it to a client?
When you give the generic jingle to the client, they have market exclusivity to the jingle for the duration of your subscription to the service.  There is no fear of another client in the market taking it.

How Many Jingles are on the site?
Hundreds, and we’re constantly updating the service with new music, sectors and lyrics. We will listen to your specific needs and if we identify a new industry or trend, we will work on creating new campaigns.

Other services available:
  • Additional/Alternative Vocal Lines
  • Spanish Versions (Other languages available)
  • Substantial changes to existing track
  • Holiday Versions
  • Creative Concierge

Email/Call your TM Commercial rep for details and rates. [email protected] or 972.406.6800.

TM Commercial. Commercial Jingles for Your Local Advertisers.