All TM Commercial Jingles are customizable — This will be a game-changer with potential clients that will set you above your competition. But there is even more you can do for the most valuable clients on your station. 


These are included in most subscriptions to TM Commercial. While airing “Generic” lyric jingles are very effective and can create highly effective memory markers for your client-listener relationships, customized lyrics are the next step.  First, we consult you and your client to create personalized, effective lyrics and adapt them to the selected music theme. Next, we discuss the style of the Vocal presentation. If the demo has an aggressive older female we can make it a brighter, younger female. We can turn solo sings into groups, all male into duets and so on.  Finally, we bring our talent into the studio and produce a fresh, CUSTOM jingle for your client.

There are no limits with lyrics and vocals AND if you really want to get creative in many cases we can change the music tracks to fit your needs too.


Outside of our standard TM Commercial service are “From Scratch” original, exclusive Jingle Campaigns. If you REALLY want to go next level with your brand-building music – make it FULLY CUSTOMIZED. We consult, analyze, write, compose, produce, track, mix, master and deliver a never-before heard package of music that is custom-built to your exact specs.  Music style, vocal style, lyrics, variations, alternate mixes, holiday versions etc etc. You gain total control of every possible element of the Custom Music Branding Campaign.  Plus, since this is what we do, we complete the job within reasonable budgets and time-lines.


All TM Commercial Jingle Themes are available “Off-the-shelf” ready to deliver right now. Hundreds of campaigns, provided with Generic Lyrics that work well for many business types, instantly ready to air.

Contact us for more info on any kind of Commercial Jingle —  Fully Custom to Generic or ANYTHING in between.

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