You are a Lawyer…with a score to settle!  Your client’s SCORE! OR maybe you’re a Private Investigator who lives outside the law. You have a specific set of skills and a beef with anyone who picks on the little guy. No case is too dangerous, no client is too small and no stone EVER goes un-turned. When there is no one left to help…. call…THIS GUY…or….. THIS GAL!!!

Or perhaps you arbitrate “conscious uncouplings.”

Either way this jingle will get the job done….JUST LIKE YOU!!!

The sample features a GROUP VOCAL but your Custom Jingle can feature a FEMALE or MALE LEAD vocal style.

Generic Demo

Custom Demo

Available Versions

Available in :30 and :60 Versions - Full, Tag and Donut variations of each
*Alternate Versions Available as Lyrics Permit

Note: For Subscribers Only. Jingles Are Market Exclusive, We Will Confirm Availability