TM Studios.
This is who we are.

Audio is what we do.

TM Studios is a full-service sound agency that creates and distributes audio branding products and services.

Our sole mission is to help Radio and TV Stations, Agencies, Commercial Clients and Producers connect and engage with their audiences more effectively, more often. We aim to help solve your problems, and save you time and money.

We’re a forward thinking company that has 50+ years of heritage and experience in the audio branding industry.

With a wide range of products to fit every production need and any budget, our team of expert producers, imagers, musicians, and engineers from around the world are ready to take on your next project. All our activity is centered around our state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar studio facility…"Studio A" in Dallas and our studios in Los Angeles and MediaCityUK.

TM Studios is heard on thousands of radio and television stations on every continent and connects with over one-hundred million global listeners daily through its various products, utilizing the most powerful sound of all… music.

We are here and ready for you. We’re genuinely passionate and care about helping you achieve your goals and exceeding your expectations and hopefully having some fun along the way.

- The TM Studios team

Meet the team of music makers,
sonic shakers & jingle risk takers

Executive Team

Greg Clancy

Jingle Singer, Composer, Producer, Business Manager, team leader. This man does it all. His name is iconic in radio jingles, and with over 35 years of working at TM Studios, it made sense for Greg to be one of the co-owners...after all he knows where the bodies are buried!

Dave Bethell

With a diverse career path that went from Jingle anorak to imaging producer, jock, programmer, voiceover artist, creative director and now the co-owner of TM Studios, his entire career has lead up to this role, based in Los Angeles Dave and his badass studio are ready to tackle your next project.

Chris "UK" Stevens

Chris’s impressive and diverse resumé includes Programmer, Imager, Musician and Jingle Producer, plus he started and runs Europe’s largest Country Music radio station, Chris Country! As co-owner of TM Studios, Chris brings all of those skills to daily operations. He’s also the only jingle producer with a CMA to his name!

The tm family

Steve Kaufman

Steve joins us having worked for The “Other Guys”, his passion is building lasting relationships and helping solve clients challenges and he’s excited to work with you.

Ryan Drean

Part iconic country imager, part legendary podcaster, part systems and implementation Rockstar, and jingle genius - Ryan is at the very heart of TM’s sound and operations.

"Studio" Dave

The name “Studio Dave” in the jingle world is pretty iconic! His ears are legendary, he can hear a pin drop from 30 yards away. Having mixed and produced more jingle packages than any other studio engineer in the business you could say he’s a bit of a legend.


Our resident producer and tech guru, working across our custom, syndication and TM next jingle packages, there’s a good chance Collin was involved with your TM package.


Karyn is our sales and marketing support hero. Around the halls of TM she is known as the excel master and contracting guru. Based in our Dallas office, Karyn knows where the skeletons are buried!


From billing and accounting to business operations, Christine is our secret weapon and helps keep our creatives in check (and paid), and our systems punctual and running like clockwork.


Alex is new to TM, but not new to the business, having huge experience in the production music world, both in creative and in data management, Alex is coming onboard to help us create music and metadata for TM Next and TM production music – not an easy balancing act!


Tom is our imaging guy! Handling various duties from remixing jingles, our monthly CHR and Hot AC nextros, sound design and basically bringing the beats, hard! He makes us look and sound good!


Bruce is one of the most iconic jingle overlords to come out of the 1980’s. His unique sound can be heard throughout our formats. Bruce is not only one of our composers / producers / players / vocalists, but also handles our vast catalog's admin duties. TM also exclusively represents his company Zone Jingles.


Jon is our graphic designer, from website, to branding, marketing to trends - If you’ve noticed a distinct change in the branding of TM Studios lately – That’s thanks to Jon’s keen eye and attention to detail, we call him “Honest Jon” as he’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks.


Kyle is our resident web genius. From our new TM Studios website, to the various client portals for TM Next, TM Production Music and TM Commercial, Kyle is the one who makes things happen online – He’s the fastest coder in the west!


Composer – Working on Jingles and Beds for our various TM Next formats Aaron is a multi instrumentalist who is just as at home with a banjo making a country theme as he is with an 808 making trap beats for CHR.


Barry has worked with TM for many years, and in that time has produced a diverse range of cuts for pretty much every format of radio past and present, he also specializes in commercial jingles, and is part of the team working on TM Commercial.

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Greg Clancy
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Dave Bethell

When we asked TM to give us their best for Throwback Nation Radio and Throwback 2K, they didn’t just give us their best… they went ABOVE AND BEYOND. I’m happy to say, I’m #TeamTM from here on out!

Tony Lorino
CEO Throwback Brand / Host Throwback Nation Radio