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INCREASE LOCAL SALES REVENUE with this one-of-a-kind tool. TM Commercial offers ready-to-go jingles for every business type imaginable.

With TM Commercial, your station gets exclusive access to hundreds of sung jingle campaigns, plus updates with seasonal campaigns across every business-type. These jingles are catchy, memorable and fun, and they contain lyrics and slogans made for specific business types. The best part? Any of these jingles can be sung with your client name, and that is included with your subscription.

With TM Commercial You Get:

Extensive library access

Exclusive Access to a library of hundreds of local jingle campaigns to fit all business types, plus many musical styles to match the target demographic.

Instantly Ready for air

Jingle Campaigns come in ready-made :60 and :30 lengths, and shorter versions are available upon request. If you need the brand to be sung, TM’s turn-around time is remarkably fast.

It’s all about the Brand

According to a landmark Katz Media study, putting a brand to music makes it exponentially more memorable. TM has been the worldwide leader in Commercial Music for over 50 years.

Customizable Campaigns

Level up your client engagement with a unique tool to differentiate you from your competition. Every campaign can be custom with your client’s specific lyrics.

TM Commercial demos

Restaurant demo

Every local market has restaurants competing against the “chains.” Help create a unique identity to add heft to the brand and lend brand personality.

Services demo

Local services is a perfect category for jingles. From HVAC and plumbing to home contractors and attorneys, jingles WORK to enhance brand, image, and trust.

Auto demo

How do the local dealers compete with the national groups? A jingle adds credibility and brand recognition for the local or used car dealer.

Finance demo

Local banks, credit unions and check cashing services can often use a lift to set themselves apart from national brands competing at the local level.

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Grow Station Revenue and attract new Client Partnerships with this unique, creative tool.
TM Commercial - Here to help you connect with your clients.

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The largest updating and evolving jingle and imaging service in the known universe.With more formats and more options, TM Next strives to help you sound continually fresh and different on the dial.

In today’s radio workflow with less people and less available time, TM Next comes with more ready to air elements and a huge library of beds and imaging workparts. For music formats we’re proud to introduce Nextros – imaged, musically branded intros.

Everything is fused with your unique logo melody. With TM Next audio tools you can utilize more spots in the clock to imprint your sonic brand on your listeners.

Better, flexible, memorable, time saving, now... Next.
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TM is amazing to work with, start to finish. They understand music and radio, and expertly help us craft jingles that perfectly match our brands.

Steve Jones
EVP Programming Stingray Radio Canada