Here you’ll find our Staff Picks from our historic and massive back-catalog from the past 10 – 15 years. Can’t find your favorite package here? Reach out and let us know what you’re looking for.

99 1/2 ZPL matches Today's Hit Music (Yesterday's too) Hot AC or CHR may find this one to be PERFECT

WCBM is THE Station for News/Talk. Engaging, Captivating and UNIQUE! Jingles that leave a mark.

Morning shows have never sounded THIS big, and now yours can too.

Big Time Honolulu - Few station's dominate so thoroughly as KSSK in Honolulu. Few packages live up to the Brand.

More Fun songs, TV themes and parodies? You wanted it, you got it! This one was heard Coast Coast on stations like PLJ, WDRQ, KISS 95-1 and more

For B101.5 this is 11 scorching tracks that will BURN your BRAND into any BRAIN!

Capitol Mix is WRQX MIX 107-3 - one of the dominant AC's from back in the day. This is one of MANY packages TM has produced for this legend

Christmas should be as exciting as you want it to be - For CHR and HOT AC stations - this one is BIG for the Holidays

A small but very flexible package for Channel 4. Five themes of pure synthy awesome!

Created for award winning US-101 in Chattanooga, ChattaNugrass is the next step for country music.

WBBM aka Bear's Radio is Chicago's source for News Traffic and Weather. The NewsWatch never stops

Playing Christmas music? Flipping your format to Christmas in December? Then you're gonna need Christmas Jingles - Enjoy the Christmas Station

A Mixture of FUN and Funny Jingles with some slower, more serious stuff to cover all the emotions of Christmas

Nashville's legendary icon, WSM-AM, asked for a blend of acoustic sounds and honky-tonkin’ electric instruments - a fresh sound that’s CLASSIC

WFAN in New York - Total Market Domination! For well over two decades they didn't just break the mold, they created it as the FIRST All-Sports

Not for the faint of heart! For WYCD in The D - this one is legendary. It's BIG and Available for you now!

Custom jingles for Japan's FM Yokohama, covering a wide range of musical styles

This Hot AC Jingle package has a cool, fast-moving feel that's great for Country as well as Hot AC stations

If you're playing the hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's then Greatest Hits 10 is the perfect package. Powerfull vocals and superb instrumentation.

Produced for WHAL. 11 joyously, soulful cuts, each with at least 4 versions

Get ready to make your station's holday programming unforgettable

The Holiday jingle package with 7 cuts and vocal tags customized for your station

A holiday package designed to place your stations image in the hearts and minds of listeners

A CHR holiday package that fits with the hits. Thanksgiving through New Years + 4th of July

A CHR package with pace and energy for today’s hottest stations. Available to be sung in the UK or the USA

For stations that play today's best music but aren't just Top 40, TM and Ignite present Ignite Now

Super 60's & 70's. This is one Big package with lots of ramp time for slogans and edits for shotguns

An expansive collection of jingles in multiple styles and varieties for the quirkiest of stations who "do what they want"

An 8 cut package that will breathe life back in to your morning show. The choir vocals & B3 organ are thick and soulful.

When news matters, and so does highlighting your coverage with impact, you need Juggernaut Plus

How 'bout some attitude with your country? K-9 COUNTRY delivers!

The newest cutting edge country package from TM Studios, eclipsing anything available in the world of Country Radio Jingles

A Hot AC package designed for Kingdom FM in Fife

With all the impact of a head on collision, blistering vocals, and imaging fx - this is CHR with extra energy.

Six ultra contemporary cuts using the heritage Viking FM logo, to make Hot AC and CHR stations stand out

KMJ Fresno is a comprehensive news talk package, featuring everything you need for your news and talk clocks. High-energy Themes/Utilities

The PURE-Bred American AC radio format is exemplified in Miami at 101.5 LITE FM. You will hear why this is one of our most popular products

Metroplex is NOT sleepy AC. Lift the tempo and feel of your AC station with big orchestrations and a full 7-voice vocal group

Do you play 80’s, 90’s and Today? Check out this upbeat AC package created by Bruce Upchurch for WFLC in Miami

You need diversity, fully custom, variety of tempos, big instrumentation, amazing vocals, multiple genres and something that will kill the comp

Iconic Station, Iconic Logo, And even more iconic Jingles - for Mix 107.3

From News and Headlines to Politics and Sport this is a package full of urgency for news radio 620 WTMJ Milwaukee.

Classic Hits never sounded better with this oldies jingle package designed for oldies 95.7

Playing music variety from the 80's to now? Check out Mix N Match for Mix 102.9

More AC gives your station more bright , more alive, and more positive imaging with 12 guitar-based sonic masterpieces.

For Detroit's WOMC, this is Motown gold, A classic hits package as dynamic as the city itself

NashRadio sounds contemporary without being "too cool for the room." Its Fast Paced, PPM friendly and filled with TONS of cuts.

High energy country jingles and a HUGE vocal group

KZPT brought in the TM team to bring The Point brand into 2014!

The genius of Tom Merriman’s oldies package for WOMC- Detroit, remastered for WMXJ – Miami

92.5 WXTU wanted country cuts that blaze out of the speakers and here's what they got

The Iconic Package - All the Best Country - for legendary Country station KSCS

Light and easy jingles don't have to sound soft or boring. For Seattle's spirit 105.3

These cuts start in one genre and in seconds "Shift" to another making a station that transitions between genres seamless.

15 cut package with lots of ways to tie together a deep playlist. Go ahead, put Billy Joel next to Katy Perry next to Mumford and Sons.

With energy and a whole heap of synths continuing that happy feel and positive sound for Shine FM

Ever feel like a package describes what it is purely by a title? Well - this is it!

Eight flexible themes that fit today's playlist. Check out TFM Radio - the perfect companion for Today's Favorite Music.

9 new themes with the same strong logo to match today's playlist. Already on the air in the UK and now ready to be resung in your market

The 7 themes found in The Bee will get your AC station around the clock with style, tempo and class

The second in a series of packages produced for Dallas’ triple Marconi Award winner, KTCK, The Ticket

A package FULL of TOTALLY AWESOME 80'S jingles. What else could you possibly want?

Hot Country and Young Country merge into one CHR-based country package that never slows down

Your jingles won’t sound like the music you play, but they stand apart from the music, loud and strong

Stray true to the oldies format, without sounding old…that’s what Very Kool is all about. 17 huge cuts that are…Very Kool

Solo vocals bring cool European vibes to this package heard on stations around the world. Contains a wide range of tempos and styles for full-service stations.

As big and bold as heritage talker WBAP in Dallas, this package has everything you need to get your News/Talk station around the clock with authority and pace

TM Studios produced themes that fuse bold authentic orchestral elements with blistering beats and driving guitars. Urgent, impactful and dramatic.

Traditional and iconic themes, high tempo, classic instrumentation, for a full-time News/Talk with all benchmarks and features covered

A unique approach to Classic Hits with lots of personality, tempo changes, and fun vocal treatments.

Created for the legendary FM106.1 in Milwaukee, this bold packages features authentic country instrumentation and strong group vocals and fx

Great as an addition to the original Wide Open Package or as a standalone package, Wide Open Country Update features fiddles, dobros and legendary TM vocals.

With WLS Attenuator TM Studios delivers a news talk package that blends heritage and familiarity, with authentic modern production and an adult edge.