TM Studios #JinglesEvolved

Marketers that don’t understand the power of music will simply be left behind – Mary Dillon, CMO, McDonalds

TM Studios, creates, produces and distributes audio branding products and services for broadcast media use. TM Studios’ clients include radio and television stations, satellite and internet networks, websites, the Armed Forces Radio Network and numerous advertising agencies and commercial businesses.

A full-service Audio Creative Agency located in Dallas, TM Studios is the world leader in audio branding.  Heard on thousands of radio and television stations on every continent, TM products connect consumers to their passions through the most powerful sound of all…music.

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Below is a list of contacts for TM Studios. Browse to the department title to find the person you are needing to contact. If you are not sure who to contact and need assistance quickly, please email us at:

Customer Service: Feedback and Product Inquiry

Domestic and International

Executive Staff

Greg Clancy
General Manager – VP/Creative

Sales and Affiliate Relations

Chris Stevens
VP/Affiliate Management


Lakeisha Black
Business Manager