TM Studios #JinglesEvolved

TM Studios is a full-service agency that creates and distributes audio branding products and services.  Our sole mission is to help Radio and TV Stations, Agencies, Commercial Clients and Producers connect and engage with their audiences more effectively, more often. TM is a forward thinking company that has 50+ years of heritage and experience in the audio branding industry.

With a wide range of products to fit every production need and any budget, our large team of expert producers, imagers, musicians, and engineers from around the world are ready to take on your next project.  All our activity is centered around our state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar studio facility…”Studio A” in Dallas.

TM is heard on thousands of radio and television stations on every continent.  TM connects with over one-hundred million global listeners through its various products, utilizing the most powerful sound of all…music.

TM is here for you.  Let’s talk about helping you achieve your goals…and allow us to exceed your expectations.

Marketers that don’t understand the power of music will simply be left behind – Mary Dillon, CMO, McDonalds

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Below is a list of contacts for Major Triad Media LLC, dba TM Studios. If you are not sure who to contact and need assistance quickly, please email us at: [email protected]

Customer Service: Feedback and Product Inquiry

Domestic and International
[email protected]

Executive Staff

Greg Clancy
[email protected]

Chris “UK” Stevens
c[email protected]

Dave Bethell
[email protected]

Sales and Affiliate Relations

Chris “US” Stevens
[email protected]


Business Manager
[email protected]