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Your job just got easier, with world-class production music and our innovative AI Searching

Save time, find music fast, get back to the good stuff.

TM Production Music gives you access to a vast library of fresh, continuously updating new music in a wide array of genres, uses, and sounds from around the world. Presented on our groundbreaking new platform including AI-based search engine and a smart “Sounds Like” searches from YouTube, web links, or uploaded Wav / MP3 file.

With your new production
music service you’ll get:

All Killer
No Filler

Other services boast “huge” track counts, but let’s face it, a lot of that is music you’d never use. We don’t have everything – we have everything you need. Your new music service is hand curated and designed specifically FOR Radio People BY Radio People – just the good stuff, easier to find.

Less restrictions

A lot of the other production music services charge you an additional (expensive) license fee for social media, local podcasting, time shifted / listen again programming and syndication. With TM Production Music, your license includes FM/On-air, and ALL other secondary uses.

Fresh Creative Partners

A handpicked global partner network of boutique labels and large indie production companies delivering brand new music and content never heard on US Radio. From iconic composers, producers, sound designers and established labels, all of which are excited about radio.


We work in radio and know what you need – easily searchable useful mixes, better sounding music and vast creative options. Perfectly timed, 30-second edits for commercials. Lighter underscores and mix outs. Full-length beds for advertising, podcasting, programming and social media features.

TM Production Music Demos


From local direct spots to national brand campaigns, this is music for commercials.


For podcasters, show producers, and creators. Designed to fit the theme of your content.


Holidays, Novelty, Comedic, Cultural. Now those hard to find tracks are super easy to find.


Each of these songs are hit records in their own right, and with mix outs, very useful.

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Available for cash & barter; at station, cluster or group levels – lock it in now.

The entire focus of the TM Studios team is to get you the sound that fits YOUR station, and they hit it out of the park every time.

Leslie Whittle
VP Hot AC Cumulus Media & PD KRBE Houston