TM Studios - Morning Show Bootcamp 2023

Morning Show Bootcamp in Dallas is in the books! Every conference has its own unique vibe and MSBC35 was no different: A real feeling of community and family and a TON of learning. Check out our socials for some images and video.

We tried to pull off a pretty crazy task. Produce and deliver a free jingle to EVERY show in ONE DAY. Honestly, it was impossible but we did our best. If you signed up on site and haven't received yours yet give us a couple weeks to setup a new session and get to work. If you haven't heard from us by September 1, hit us up!

While you're here take a listen to our recent work in the Morning Show Jingle Demo video. We LOVE radio, live and local entertainment and we just LOVE doing this stuff!


On Thursday we had a badass 360 Video system and its awesome! Click the image to see the entire gallery. You can just watch for fun or if you didn't get the link or file on site, you can download your video there.