For decades, the News/Talk Jingle proposition has been that your station will sound one way, with no local, cultural, or demographic considerations, and you will take it or leave it. With the guidance of forward-thinking PDs across the country, TM Next News/Talk gives you three distinct sonic options. Launched on WLS-AM Chicago, WMAL Washington DC, WBAP Fort Worth-Dallas and KOA, Denver among others, TM Next News/Talk offers the service in ROCK (Guitars), MODERN (Electronic) and BOLD (Orchestral) flavors.

For the first time, you have a powerful and dynamic audio partner to help build your station sound for your market. Further, with the range of provided audio tools, TM Next allows you to evolve your station toward the NEXT generation of News/Talk listeners without abandoning your core audience.

TM Next offers a massive Launch Package with monthly updates including additional themes, logo-based promo beds and logo elements to add constant, fresh branding to your station. You also have a choice of many iconic logo melodies and vocal options.

Check the tabs below to Hear Modern on KOA, Rock on WMAL and Bold on WLS.

This is TM Next Country – born and bred in Dallas, Nashville & LA – the cities in which your station’s music is being produced. Since “Country Radio” isn’t just one format anymore, not one-size-fits-all, TM NEXT delivers two unique flavors, Country and Hot Country.

Country gives you a mainstream, live band feel, with the energy and originality of high-quality Nashville production.
Hot Country takes it up a notch, produced with CHR techniques – remixes with heavier vocal effects, glitches, stutters and imaging tricks. Hot Country levels up the sound to ride along side the modern feel of today’s most contemporary country radio stations. Make your choice and throw in vocal options that match the sound of your station.

Hear Country as heard on KIIM Tucson - Arizona and Hot Country on New York’s Country 94-7.

Fresh, Fun and Contemporary is how we describe TM Next AC, offered in two distinct flavors. Mainstream AC was created to interweave perfectly into a diverse playlist sounding comfortable coming out of current AC hits, as well as golds from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s feelgood pop through and through, without being too edgy. The Soft AC flavor reflects a feel-good, positive and relaxing vibe without being sleepy or dated. Both offer a modern group or fresh solo vocals, and a selection of familiar iconic sonic melodies.

TM Next AC gives you the ability to dial in your sound and brand your station with the kind of personality everyone will love.

Listen to TM Next AC on Canada’s Breeze Network and Lite 105 in Providence.

With Top 40 radio in mind, TM NEXT was designed from the ground up. With two unique flavors – CHR and HOT AC - TM NEXT Top 40 was built around your playlist, your imaging style, your sound. This isn’t just another “EDM Pop” package. TM NEXT hits the trends and sounds of today’s Top 40 radio with continuously updating sounds aligned with the music you play. You’ll always sound fresh and memorable with Group, Solo, Male and Female vocal options and multiple signature logo melodies. This is not a one size fits all product - you choose your exact sound.

Already on air at KRBE Houston, Q997 Atlanta and 943 The Point Jersey Shore.