TM Next - NewsTalk On-Boarding

This page will help show the different options available with TM Next. Our team are happy to chat with you about the choices and discuss what would work best for your station.

Part 1 - Logo Options

There are six logos to choose from. Check out all six here – you’ll get the logo weaved through your themes and beds, as well as supplied in the clear with each track.

Logo 1: WLS

Logo 2: KABC

Logo 3: WMAL

Logo 4: KRLD

Logo 5: KOA

Logo 6: WBAP

Part 2 - Music Styles

All tracks are supplied with three different music styles – Bold, Modern and Rock. All three styles are available within the TM Next audio delivery system; you’ll have access to all of them. Use your preferred flavor, or mix and match all three!




Part 3 - Vocal Styles

TM Next NewsTalk includes two top of hour themes with vocals. The vocal choices are the traditional 7-voice, or a more modern 3-voice. You’ll also receive instrumental mixes and logo mixouts.

Vocals: 3-Voice

Vocals: 7-Voice

Whatever your choices, you’ll receive access to a massive back catalog of beds, themes and stingers, plus pieces for news, weather, traffic, sports, business, politics, show themes and much much more. We’re excited to welcome you to TM Next NewsTalk!

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