TM Production Music: July 2022 Update

July 21st, 2022

Hey, It's Ryan...

Some days a few of us on the team gather and brainstorm about practical, helpful, amusing or just "out-there" playlists that would still be surprisingly useful.  We've built a bunch with plenty more to come.

I think it would be awesome if you challenged us with ideas of your own.  Send us a playlist idea to our contact page on the site or the email below. There are no wrong answers and if you think we are missing something this would be a great time to tell us...or just make us think "WAY-outside-the-box."

No Rush, but I'd like to start featuring YOUR playlists soon.

Now...Here's what's new @ TM Production music.


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TM Studios didn't just go the extra mile, they ran a marathon for us - and got us on air sounding a million dollars. It's great to feel valued as a client.

David Lloyd
Co-Founder Boom Radio - UK